Don’t Overlook These Signs That Your Home May Need New Windows

28 May 2017
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Your home's windows don't need to be cracked or outright shattered for them to need repair or replacing; windows can suffer damage that isn't so visible, but which compromises the integrity and insulating properties of the glass. There may also be damage around the window frame, where it's not as visible and noticeable. Note a few signs that your home may need window repair or replacement, so you can know to call a repairperson or shop for new windows altogether. Read More 

Keep These Tips in Mind When Choosing New Glass for Your Commercial Building

22 May 2017
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The glass you choose for a commercial building will be very important; you want to think about how secure that glass is against potential break-ins, while also ensuring that it helps to insulate the building, since many commercial buildings have large windows that could easily lose heating and cooling. When choosing new glass for a commercial building, you also want to think about how it will affect customers or workers inside the building, as well as those who are passing by. Read More 

What You Need to Know About Glass Shower Screens

16 May 2017
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Glass shower screens and doors are a great touch for any bathroom, as they can open up the space and make it seem larger and even brighter; you also don't need to worry about coordinating a glass screen with your bathroom linens and tile the way you do every time you get a new shower curtain! If you're thinking about getting a glass shower screen for your home's bathroom, note a few factors to consider about this option so you know what to discuss with an installer, and you will be sure to love your new shower screen for years to come. Read More 

Budget-Friendly Ideas for Brightening Up a Dark Kitchen

10 May 2017
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If your kitchen seems a bit dark and dingy, you may not have the budget to replace all the cabinets with something in a lighter colour or to cut out a new window and let in more light. However, there are many budget-friendly ways to brighten up a dark kitchen that don't involve heavy construction. Note a few of those suggestions here. Lower or expand the lighting Pendant lights can pull the overhead light down by several inches or centimetres, which can make the benchtops and cabinets seem brighter. Read More