How to clean the exterior glass in your leadlight door

17 November 2020
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Leadlight doors consist of pieces of stained glass held in place by metal frames. They make an elegant feature of any home, especially a period house. But if you are to keep them at their best, they will need regular and careful cleaning. Here is a quick guide on how to clean the doors without damaging the glass. Use a soft cloth Firstly, make sure you are using the right materials. Read More 

5 Safety and Security Reasons to Fix Your School’s Broken Window Today

21 August 2020
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Windows will always be at risk in a school environment. And if an accident does happen and a window breaks, immediate repair isn't always possible. But if you put off repairing a broken school window for too long, the security of your students and teachers is in jeopardy. A broken or cracked window is a safety and security threat in several ways. 1. Harsh Weather Could Worsen the Damage Australia is known for its sometimes-powerful hailstorms that can drop hailstones as big as golf balls on the ground below. Read More 

How To Turn Your Pool Into An Artistic Feature In Your Backyard

26 May 2020
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About 2.7 million Australians live in a house with a pool, and more are added to this number every year. The trouble with pools is that they can be very hard to make them into unique destinations that people actively want to go into, especially for above-ground pools. If you are struggling for ideas about how to make your pool feel special then look no further than pool windows. Pool windows were once relegated to the very upper echelons of high society, but now they are more affordable and easy to install than ever before. Read More